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Autumn is sneaking in…

Since I have another journal over on AOL I find I am kept busy over there from time to time as I have more readers.
So forgive me if I copy and paste and then talk of something a bit out of date.  Its easier for me to copy and paste rather than try to re-write everything all over again.
So here are mutterings below for you to read and pass the time.   I hope you enjoy.

Good Morning..

We all seem to be crying out for summer and its heat again now that Autumn is here.

Gas fires are turning on, extra layers are being worn to bed and in my case the central heating is on already.  It’s amazing how quickly we all get used to the heat of summer and miss it when it disappears. The cold fair nips at my outer layers of fat these days and tightens it up dreadfully..lol!  It can be quite painful when fat solidifies on a ‘human bean’.  hahahaha!

I have been getting my nose into a few good books this last week and enjoyed the transportation to another world. Tha’s been taking up a bit of my computer time too.

And I also had a little play with the planter that Samantha gave me.  I turned it into a miniature ‘Rock Garden’.  See photo… 


All last week, and the week before, Bryan got stuck into digging and overhauling ours and our neighbours garden.  He is making a big difference out there.

Unfortunately, last Friday morning  he showed me a bite which he had been scratching all night and when I saw it I thought..’We can’t leave that over the weekend’ so we popped off to the doctors after getting and emergency appointment where he was given some antibiotics and steroid cream.  I have seen one of these bites before and they can eat into an ulcer if you leave them too long.  Samantha our daughter had one a couple of years ago.  She left it over the weekend and it had got a grip on her flesh and ate a deep hole before she knew it.

In both cases we have no idea what caused it.  Bryan remembers hitting an ants nest and whacking his trouser legs to stop them biting so we presume it was one of those with an infectious mouth.   Yuck!

I don’t go in the garden these days as I inevitably get ticks, brought in no doubt by the deer.  Bryan has yet to get them and he is always in the woodland and garden.  Not that I wish them on him but I just don’t understand why they jump on me!  Maybe they like blood that has had chemo and radiotherapy…maybe I glow in the sunlight..who knows..but they jump and shout Geronimo and aim for Jeanie all the time! …lol!

As I mentioned in my previous entry I have been having problems with signal and connections on my laptop.  I gave up making entries most of last week and just made little sorties in and out of folks journals instead.  My computer kept disconnecting me in the middle of my writing.

I have been trying to update my mainframe computer since I have hardly used it this summer.  Its cold down in the cellar, where it sits, without the heating on.  Now that its back on elsewhere I will be back down there and get on with my writing soon.

I can write my stories much better down there as I have no distraction or awareness of time passing by.  Up here in the kitchen I get distracted by the garden and the changing lights and weather on it.

I took a little ‘tootle’ around the lanes behind our houses the other day..the results are in the album above.  At one part on the walk I stopped to take a picture unaware that there was a chap behind me until he let out an ‘Oops!’.  I never heard a sound…I know I should wear my hearing aid more.  But the noises that it gives you back again arrive like a crescendo of drumrolls made by a mad orchestral tympanist who has forgotten that there are gentle little symbols too.

I won’t be around much tomorrow as I am going to a little job that I said I would take up again for my friend Cally.  Her daughter has just had a new baby two weeks ago and I said I would go and ‘move the dust around for her’.  This is an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with peace and quiet and views that go clear across to the Pennine Chain.  It is so pastoral and a place that we would all aspire to owning.  The views are breathtaking.

Meanwhile…Bryan’s obviously missing not being out in the garden…he keeps interrupting me with questions about which mail shots that have been lying around need chucking out.  I’ll get no peace until I go see to him.  Lol!

Take care and stay well.

Quote of the day…

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch, swing with, never saying a word and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve ever had.

Bryan and I do that a lot…lol!


Take care……



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My thanks to Donna for this beautiful Tag.

Good Morning!

I have had such a lovely time browsing everyone’s journals recently.  You are all a talented bunch!

I may not have had time to leave a reply in each of them as I have many alerts…like the rest of you no doubt.  Sorry about that.

Congratulations to Donna for winning the Artsy Entry.  That was one supremely well written piece of work.   Very well done!


I’ve been taking a review of summer, off and on over the weekend.  I’ve looked back on many happy moments and smiled.

One stands out and I want to share it with you.

I wrote of Hollie my grandaughter coming to visit and I posted some of her activity pictures whilst she stayed with us for a whole week.

It was a day when we were setting off early as we had planned lots of things to do.  We all mucked in and made the picnic sandwiches etc.  Before we set off we checked all the regular security things we all do.  Lights off, no dripping taps,doors locked, grandma checking she has her purse and keys, lastly we fed the fish. On turning to come back in Hollie said…"Grandad better turn the tap off over the pond or it will overflow while we are out." 

Bless her!

She was unaware that the filters recycle the water via a pump and the water level is a constant. (Evaporation excepted).


One day last week I asked Bryan if he thought Post Knott was too difficult for me to walk up as its been a few years since I attacked that vantage point. Its the hill opposite my stone seat when I go for my ‘walk around the block’. 

He takes the children up there regulary when they come to visit.

I have sat there on my stone bench opposite it wishing for the day when I could attack it and look at the view, take pictures and bring them back to share on here.

We set off but it wasn’t to be.   I was stopping too many times and it was a struggle as I was quite breathless climbing the long steep relentless sloping path which leads up to the bottom of the hill.  There is the hill itself to climb after climbing the path.

Bryan disappeared round a corner as I stopped to take some pictures, (and have a rest) as usual!  Then he came back to look for me.  He got cross with me and said "Right we are going home, you can’t make it if  you are stopping too many times.  It’s obvious you are struggling".  So….I never got to the top.  I would have made it on my own, eventually, ( I think) but it would have taken quite a while as I am a stubborn old biddy! I wouldn’t have given up, even if it had taken all day.  I live up to my zodiac sign…Taurus the bull.  Lol!

He was right of course.  It was too difficult for me.  I was upset as I became aware once again of how weak I have become since my treatment and I am not a happy bunny.  I was exhausted when I got home and stiffened up quite painfully.   I took another shorter walk another day, just around the block, and that wasn’t too bad.  We took it easier and it isn’t as hilly.  Besides we got to chat and ‘rest’ when we bumped into some dog walking friends.  So that gave my ‘old ticker’ a chance to take a breather.

It’s quite upsetting to find that I cannot do some of the things I once took for granted but I hope to goodness they will return with perseverance.

I have slept on and off over the weekend since then.   My body must need to build up again.  Drat!  I’m not used to this weaker ‘me’. I have always been such a physically capable person.  Plus I thought things would have returned to normal by now.

Still there are worse off folks than me. So I must be thankful.

I have placed some photos in my album above for you to see.  You can’t tell how steep the slope is from these, but it is relentless until you get to the top. I reckon I am just going to have to build up with longer daily walks until I get there.  Probably some time in the winter at this rate….Lol!

I did notice that autumn has raced in when we weren’t looking.  The leaves are falling, the brambles are fast ripening and some of the ‘Conkers’ *chestnuts are already dropping off the trees.  They are lying on the ground in their sputnik cases waiting to be stamped on for their hidden treasures by the child in us.   I love doing that.  Its too soon yet as the nuts are still small.

Meanwhile…I have turned off alerts for a few days just so that I can catch up on myself.  I will be back….what’s that I hear?  A groan?   Well thanks a bunch!      Lol!

Quote of the day..


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Bye for now…take care and God Bless.


Jeanie xxx


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