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I though it was about time I entered into this journal  for a change.  My AOL one has been keeping me busy as I have more readers’s on that one than here.
Since my last entry I have been on holiday to Scotland….at last!    My breast cancer put paid to that over two years ago.  Time moved on and that long awaited event transpired at last!  
I dreamt of it all the time I was having my chemo and radiotherapy.  Even though I had to do all the driving as we toured the  West coast Highlands and Islands, I could have driven forever.
Scotland is so ‘Empty’!
There are hardly any people living there, altogether 5 million, that you almost have the whole of the place to yourselves. 
The scenery is spectacular and much grander than the English Lake District which is where I live now.
I have not got enough superlatives to describe the beauty of the West Coast of Scotland.  Every time a loch disappears on your right hand side another one appears on your left.   Most of the lochs we passed were sea lochs and were wide and long.   Definitley on a grander scale than the English Lakes.  They have now been relegated in my minds eye as romantic hills and Lakes. 
I have never felt so humbled and awed by the spectacularness of my own homeland.  
I was brought up in Glasgow and only knew tenement buildings and hardly any grass to talk of ; except in the municipal parks.  To think that all this beauty was so close when I was growing up a nd I never got the chance to see it is unimaginable.
I will certainly go exploring there again.
We visited at Bluebell time.   The wilds of Scotland are covered in these wild hyacinths.  Wherever you go in early June there is an abundance of them on the hills, fields, woodlands and roadside grass verges.   They are everywhere.   No wonder the song..The Bluebells of Scotland was penned.
I hope the photos I have placed here lend an air or a frisson of the grandeur of the scenery to be seen in Scotland.
Jeanie xx

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